Acreages Wanted for Active Buyers

I have numerous clients that are looking for various types of acreages.  If you have been thinking of selling please have a look at the list below and contact me directly at 306-222-5831 or to discuss further.  If filling our contact form below please put “I want to sell my acreage” in the comments.. This list was last updated Jan. 22, 2021

  1. Close to Warman, large shop or quonset for storage, 5+ acres, newer home over 1300 ft. up to $650,000
  2. Between Warman and Saskatoon only 3-4 Bedroom 10 min from Saskatoon max up to $750,000
  3. Anywhere within 25 min. 1500ft min, newer home move in ready, large garage and or shop preferred up to $650,00
  4. North preferred possible west, move in ready min 1300 ft. lots or toy storage, private treed yard, ability for a horse or two, half hour max up to $600,000
  5. Up to one hours from Saskatoon, must NOT be near any cell towers and very secluded. looking mostly for a building site or house that need work up to $250,000 depending on condition of the home.
  6. Up to 45 min from Saskatoon, not fussy up to 250,000, would love set up for horses
  7. Near Osler and Hague, as many bedrooms as possible. Good well water, min 1400ft, large open main floor for entertaining.
  8. Withing 10 minutes of Saskatoon, prefer south, good set up for horses, up to 1,000,000
  9. With in 25 min of Saskatoon, 4 bed, 1200 ft min, very little gravel, set up for horses up to 550,000
  10. Hanley area, look at anything up to 400,000
  11. North of Saskatoon, west of river, up to 40 min out, set up or option for 1 pony. 350,000 max
  12. South, south east preferred, up to 450,000 look at anything
  13. Borden area only up to 320,000, will look at anything
  14. Near Martensville with shop, move in ready house ( not looking until spring ) up to 700,000
  15. Any direction up to 250,000 40 minutes out.
  16. Any direction up to 40 minutes out, ability to bring semi home (on pavement or primary grid preferred) house can need work up to 300,000

If your acreage does not fit any of these buyers but are thinking of selling I would be glad to come and take a tour of your property and give you and assessment of value and share my marketing plan with you. If you fill out the contact form below please add “I want to sell my acreage” in the comments.  Thank you for your consideration.